Hello!  My name is Beverly.

My husband and I farm 2000 acres of hay, wheat and garbanzo beans in beautiful Northern Idaho. In addition to farming, we own several angora goats, a flock of chickens, pair of call ducks, a miniature horse and some cattle.

My love for angora goats started almost 40 years ago when I bought my first pair of goats.  I wanted angora goats because I had recently purchased a Louet spinning wheel and was eager to start spinning my own yarn.  Years later, in 2003 my love of angora goats took it's first turn towards the business that you now know as La Vie En Mohair.  A friend of mine knew a lady that was looking to purchase some mohair for her doll making.  I had never heard of Reborn Dolls, so this was a whole new world for me.  Word started to spread, and my side hobby quickly turned into a growing business. 

What does La Vie En Mohair mean?  While dreaming about my business and what I should name it, I thought about my daily life and how my herd of angora goats are a constant part of my daily routine. That's when I started playing around with names and thought of the name 'Life in Mohair', or 'La Vie En Mohair' if you translate it into French.  My angora goats and mohair are definitely a huge part of my daily life, my 'La Vie En Mohair'.

It brings me so much joy to provide my clients and friends with the highest quality mohair for their Reborn Dolls.  It is my belief that in order to provide the highest premium mohair, it starts with the health and happiness of my herd.  My girls are very happy and healthy, which in turn allows them to grow super soft, high quality mohair for your projects.  I love hearing feedback from all of my clients, and many are saying that my goats mohair is "extremely soft, and lustrous", "wonderful to root, with little to no waste and beautiful curls.", and that "my mohair is the highest quality". 

In addition to farming and taking care of my goats, I enjoy gardening.  My little Call Ducks love to join me in the early coolness of the mornings or the calm of the evenings, while I'm out tending to my garden and flowerbeds.  I thoroughly enjoy the farm life and love that I get to share a piece of my passion with you.

Thank you so much for visiting my page and I look forward to helping you with all your mohair needs.  Please follow me on Facebook and Instagram,  to stay up to date on promotions or sneak peeks of new colors and products.

God Bless!